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Transformed Interview: Dr. John McCluskey on Kanye West

Working for the Glory of God

God has created humanity to worship and glorify him. We must devote a significant portion of our lives to work. These two realities, however, are not exclusive of one another as is often assumed....

Transformed Podcast Episode 6: Chicken Sandwiches and Biblical Worldview

Furthering God’s Purposes for Business on Earth

A Review of Tim Keller's Every Good Endeavor...

What To Make of Kanye West

Christians need to think seriously about how we approach the unfolding narrative of Kanye West’s conversion to Christianity as well as his work on Jesus Is King and the albums that may follow....

How Martin Luther Helps Answer The Question “How Do I Know I’m Saved?”

Protestants boast in the finished work of Christ via faith. And the result isn’t infused righteousness, but imputed righteousness! We receive the credit for the perfect life of Christ....

Transformed Podcast Episode 5: Why Should Christians Care About Productivity?

Transformed Podcast Episode 4: The Biblical Worldview in an Age of Doubt

3 Reasons Church History Matters for Christians

In many ways, the answer to this problem of modernity is a biblical theology steeped in historical theology....

Transformed Podcast Episode 3: Why Is A Biblical Worldview Necessary

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